TAT2U Makeup

Frequently Asked Questions

 1.) Are your products cruelty-free?


2.) Vegan-friendly?

Some of our products do contain beeswax.

*Our beeswax collection methods are cruelty-free. The cultivating process protects the bees' regular production cycle. They naturally secrete wax creating the honeycomb, when it is filled, it is covered, and the bees are moved to build another hive in their natural environment.

3.) What is the cost of shipping, how long does it take & do you offer overnight shipping?

It is currently $5.00, our standard for the U.S. is priority shipping (1-3 days), and we do offer overnight shipping, just give us a call: (561) 413-3995  *This excludes our Bridal Collection.

Please allow at least 1-2 weeks for a bridal order, if you need a rush order please contact us directly at customerservice@tat2u.com or call us at (561) 413-3995.


 4.) How do I return my order?

 5.) What are your payment options?

We accept debit/credit cards through Stripe. You may also order by calling our toll-free number (844) 254-6824

6.) Do you wholesale

Of course we do! Visit our wholesale website: www.MosaicBeautyGroup.com or email us at CustomerService@MosaicBeautyGroup.com for more information