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Our Engagement Shoot

Jenna WillardComment

No two engagement shoots are alike. Jason and I wanted to create a setting that we've never been photographed in before; something that captured the essence of our relationship. 

If any of you don't know our proposal story, Jason popped the question with the most romantic night picnic I've ever seen. He thought of every little detail from the handpicked chocolates to the special music playlist he made. What really made this so intimate was that the spot he chose was in St. Petersburg, the city where we met, and it was just us two. It was absolutely perfect; something you would have seen in a movie!

We wanted to relive that romantic night, so we decided to have a romantic picnic engagement shoot with the same atmosphere. Take a look!

Some tips for planning your engagement shoot: 

  • Talk about it! Communicate with your photographer beforehand and explain to him or her what you want to get out of your pictures. Let them know if you have a particular vision or if you like certain styles of work.
  • Plan it out! Make sure your color combos work well together and think about your location before picking out your outfit. 
  • Get Pampered! Make sure your hair is styled, your makeup is done professionally, and your nails are perfect; you're going to want multiple pictures of your ring! Also, make sure your fiancé gets a nice haircut and shaves if necessary :) 
  • Make it yours! Add a touch of your personality as a couple. Incorporate something you like. Since I love to bake, I made a cake with our date on it. 

Our amazing photographer, Erika Delgado, did such an amazing job capturing what we had envisioned for our engagement shoot! We can't wait to see what she has in store for us for our Wedding!! To see more of her work visit her website!

U Look: Like a Rock Star!

Jenna WillardComment

This week’s look is something a little more extreme and edgy! It’s a look that could be used for Halloween, a night out, or just to get you to step outside of your comfort zone. By using dramatic lipstick, bold colors on my eyes, neon streaks in my hair, and covering my arm with some temp tats, I created a glamorous rock star look!

Have fun, be edgy and expressive, but most importantly be you!

List of Products Used

  • Color Base

  • Torrid Love Shadow

  • Raven Shadow

  • Magnolia Shadow

  • Snowsicle Shadow

  • Tat2Lash

  • Black Sparrow Pencil

  • Poisonberry Matte Lipstick

  • Assortment of Temp Tats & Ink Pens

  • Cray Cray Color Play

  • Silly Girl Color Play

Thanks for Watching!

U Look: Ready for Halloween

Jenna WillardComment

This week I wanted to show you guys how to create a simple, dark smokey eye that could be used for any type of Halloween costume.  


Anyone that knows me knows how much I love holidays and decorating. My college roommate and I used to decorate our dorm rooms for all of the seasons; we hosted pumpkin carving parties and costume parties too! Needless to say, I’m always in the holiday sprit.

I usually spend a lot of time planning out my Halloween outfit and tend to make my own costumes. One year my friend and I were “cereal killers.” We cut out cereal boxes and added them to the shirts we made that said, “partners in crime.” Another year I was a football player; I turned a men’s jersey into a girly glammed up one with rhinestones and ribbons.

Regardless of how much planning I do for my Halloween costume, something always seems to come up last minute: a friend’s party, and invitation to go downtown, or some type of Halloween event. This week’s U Look was truly inspired by what you can do to create a simple and easy last minute costume like I’ve done over the years.

I created a pirate look by adding some fun makeup and accessories, and I made this Halloween costume in less than 30 minutes. As you can see in the video, the makeup is a very simple smokey eye, but I added some detail to it with glitter, I put on some Temp Tats, and added a little Color Play. For the outfit, I took a cheap skull bandana from Party City and turned it into a headband and belt. I chose clothes right from my closet, I paired a simple red t-shirt with a black and white striped skirt, and to complete the look, added some black high heel boots!

Fun Tip! Here are some other easy, DIY, last minute Halloween ideas that this makeup look would match perfectly with: Fire Fighter/Nurse/Minnie Mouse

List of Products Used:

  • Color Base

  • Snowsicle Shadow

  • Raven Shadow

  • Redemption Shadow

  • U Glue

  • U Rock glitter- Rock Star Ruby

  • Pin Up Girl Lipstick

Don’t forget that until the end of October, when you purchase any Ink Pen you get a free Temp Tat!