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How to: Highlight & Contour

Jenna WillardComment

I wanted to make this week’s blog post about contouring and highlighting because I know a lot of people get nervous or overwhelmed when this topic comes up. I personally used to have those feelings, but after playing and practicing with different products and application methods, I came to realize that it’s not that bad or scary. I wanted to make this video to show you how simple it can be, and to show that you too, do not have to be afraid of those two little words!

As you can see in my before pictures, I have extremely dark circles under my eyes; by simply applying some concealer to the right areas, the complexion of my face is completely transformed.

Quick Highlighting & Contouring Tips:

  • Highlighting is typically done with lighter colors, like light pinks or whites, to brighten an area that you want more attention on.

    • Highlighting is commonly done to the upper cheekbones, the inner corners of the eye, and below the brow bone.

  •  Contouring is just the opposite

    • It is done with a darker shade to make the appearance of certain parts of the face thinner, such as your cheekbones, or the bridge of your nose.

What Products to Use:

If you prefer Cream Formulas, use 2 Cover U Concealer or Extreme Crème Foundation

If you prefer Powder Formulas, use Eye Lites or 2 in 1 Foundation