TAT2U Makeup

U Look: Like a Rock Star!

Jenna WillardComment

This week’s look is something a little more extreme and edgy! It’s a look that could be used for Halloween, a night out, or just to get you to step outside of your comfort zone. By using dramatic lipstick, bold colors on my eyes, neon streaks in my hair, and covering my arm with some temp tats, I created a glamorous rock star look!

Have fun, be edgy and expressive, but most importantly be you!

List of Products Used

  • Color Base

  • Torrid Love Shadow

  • Raven Shadow

  • Magnolia Shadow

  • Snowsicle Shadow

  • Tat2Lash

  • Black Sparrow Pencil

  • Poisonberry Matte Lipstick

  • Assortment of Temp Tats & Ink Pens

  • Cray Cray Color Play

  • Silly Girl Color Play

Thanks for Watching!